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Facade details

-Produced from Styrofoam with density of 32-34 kg/m3.
-Acrylic coating, extremely resistant to external influences. It is not damaged by water, moisture, frost or UV-rays.
-Flexible, no break.
-Thermal conductivity coefficient is very low (= 0.031 – 0.035 W/mK)
-Have high insulating value
-The system does not stop saving throughout the life of the building.
-Refractory Class-B1. They have qualities that do not allow ignition.
-Not influenced by earthquakes or structural movements of the building, as the façade is flexible.
-Do not pose a risk to human health or the environment.
-They don't attract insects and animals.
-Do not absorb water
-They don't lose their isolation value over time.
-They are lightweight and do not add undue weight to the building.
-Compatible with the physical structure of the building, allow to breathe.
-Do not form thermal bridges thanks to the overlapping angles.
-Can be painted with any type of paint, not containing solvents.
-Allow different design solutions and import a decorative element into the building.
-Compatible with frames, thresholds and skirting boards. They do not form thermal bridges.
-Produced with a standard length of 2000 mm.

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